MNK & AL - Sorry h

"Great release. I will definitely support this all the way!" Derek Bullard  

"Good tune, worth checking out." Simon Woods

"I like this and will play it out in my shows." Linda Leigh


A global medley...

A beautifully ornate story is painted through MNK & aL's 'Sorry'. Like a river flowing through the valley, the gentle tempo and thought-provoking atmosphere allows the mind to free itself. A stunning piano melody unfolds accompanied by a vivid voice.


"We get on really well, in terms of music we understand each other without words." MNK explains that the musical process with aL commenced from a chance meeting. "One evening we came to think it was time we did something simple - simple music that touches the listeners. We aimed at something real and true and we made it."


Artwork: Her hands clasp together, her soul pleading for forgiveness. Her mind lost in the emotive affair. #Sorry