"Nice work!" Jenny Karol

"Wonderful work!" AlYf (Concepts)

""As far as trance goes, it's a great track. nice bassline too." Energy



A global medley...

Commencing with a hard-hitting force, 'Darkness' by TerraNation is a strong trance piece with a climactic middle-section. TerraNation explains his inspiration is fuelled by classic uplifting trance with a powerful bass and melody.


"In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present." This is a reflection of the darkness which he experienced in the previous month. The need to release that energy evoked the production as "music tells us what we feel."


Artwork: The darkest realms of the psyche and the powerful bass has a resemblance to the cold strength of the mountains. In the natural elements, beams of hope and sunlight start to appear as does the atmospheric melody.