A global medley...

A dirty, electronic mood is set with a fierce warp of bass. Roudi Le Gran releases EDM single 'F#ck The Drop'.


The  strong, steadfast beat marches on. A catchy tune takes us through each phase with a fun energy to make the crowd jump! The calm breaks give a moment to breathe, just enough to tease us before the excitement rises once more.  


“The project was inspired by the EDM clubbing scene,” says Roudi Le Gran. “Heavy uprising beat with an electro bass-like drop, which resulted in being a massive dance floor killer.”




Essential Collection 09


An underground world awakens. A shadow of darkness cast upon us. Liquid pleasure spilling from glasses. A whirring mind, the rush of blood. The streets of Rome lure me in. In this mythical realm tonight, we shall do battle. Twisted spikes shatter into the looming night.


This is your Essential Collection for 2019 featuring the latest Annual tracks from Insane House, Kieron Raven, Terranation, Ashtim & DJ Wad. The second half steps back in time with Decade, ten classic electronic releases from the last ten years of the label.