A global medley...

Gear up for the fierce & ruthless ’Rotten’ EP by DMIZE. There are no holds barred with this trio of powerful, hard-hitting tracks from the UK producer. The set featured on the AWJ Bass Elements compilation in 2013, and now it’s time to rise up and take centre stage.


Title track ‘Rotten’ holds a huge gnarly chunk of bass to sink your teeth into. The dry monotony of the beat drags a cold, steely determination to the brim. The intense power surges through your veins.


Like a double-edge sword, ’Red Cabbage’ brings a false sense of security to light with a peculiar introduction darting about you. This changes swiftly as the floor crumbles beneath you and a harsh bass is spat out. There is no let up, the mood gets darker with each dirty note drilling into your skull.  


The fatal conclusion is ’Congo Natty’, offering a dull and pitiful look of disdain at your remains. A bleak, eery tone dwells underneath a weary drawn-out beat. A meek bass grit wobbles alongside a curious and unwavering melodic fragment.




Essential Collection X


The switchboard lights up. A deserted planet, nothing but dust and distraught. Thick smoke clouds the air as thunderous booms shake the ground. Tortured by the erratic fantasies of a lunatic. The warrior prepares himself for the challenges ahead. Riding the rails across a picturesque Thailand. Glorious rays across the sands. Dawn is here.


This is your Essential Collection for 2020 featuring the latest Annual tracks from GURU, TerraNation, Gaston Sosa, Insane House & Micheal Dogniaux. The second half steps back in time with Decade, classic electronic releases from the last ten years of the label.