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GURU - Soul Burn

By awjrecordings, Nov 3 2019 01:13PM

A hard, striding beat leads us into ‘Soul Burn’ by GURU. As air filters through, like the winds across the desert, we are met with a soothing warmth. Playful tinkers of a xylophone delight the senses. A daring electronic melody then steals the limelight with an addictive sound.

“After releasing "I", this time i wanted to have more Trance-y approach,” says GURU. “I started the track when i was feeling a little down and, perhaps that's why, the track ended up kind of chaotic and rushy. But still, it gives a little bit of hope and daylight when the melody kicks in. Enjoy!”



“Great tune, loving it.” David Hoorntje

“Very big sound.” Joseph Christian

Artwork: The sun peeking over the horizon, spreading its glorious rays across the sands.

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