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Insane House feat. Romarti - Physical Addiction EP

By awjrecordings, Jan 14 2019 08:03PM

The heavy rumbles of bass and thick monotonous beat create a dark techno setting which is carried through each track.


The set commences with the murky remix of ‘Arabic’ from Romarti. The next track ’Acid Groove’ plays with a whirlwind of sharp electronic synths. Produced with Romarti, third track ’Elements’ has a fresh and dynamic touch to get the crowd excited. The title track ‘Physical Addiction’ delivers an experimental structure with a hard, intense atmosphere. Final track ‘Paradise’ brings a powerful, spiralling synth and pumping energy.

Insane House gives progressive techno sounds as well as some aggression in this release. He explains that the collaboration with Romarti brings a “radical change” to his music.

“Hard techno yes love the groove to this track i can mix to.” Black City Hustla DJ-s

“I love this track and give full support!” Roderick DJ

“Top sound and full Support.” André Schlüter

“Great track. Can't wait to play it tonight ;)” Max Sebastien

“All mixes are good! sounds like a winner!” Tommy Fisiko

“This track is perfect for my next radio session.” Max Light

“Very good sounds for cool people. This will be in my next set!” Paul Bronx

“Im lovin it.” Djane Clubstyle

“This is it!” Dj JumpingGash

“This can be the next Hit song!” Dj Mac-in-Tosh

“Great track will be a huge hit on the dancefloors.” Dj HotHnger

“Cool beats and grooves, exactly what i need.” Tom Pearce

“Very nice i love it!” Dj Axrone

“Hot track guys. I won't miss to play it!” Antony Beat

“Boom to tha Beat. I love this song and i will play it!” Gerry Verano

“Good Song. I like it.” DJslue

“Nice beats to dance.” Djmixes99

“Quality production on track.” Rich Haughton

“Great release!!” DJ Jace

“Awesome release.” DJ Style

“Bomb EP, Paradise is my favourite.” Jack Carter

“Absolute genius.” Joseph Christian

“Nice, thanks!” Kris Von

“Solid stuff !!” TWIST3D

Artwork: Twisted spikes shatter into the looming darkness. Vivid pigments stain a gloomy night.

PRESS: Press Party | MI2N | Audiiation Magazine

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