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Roudi Le Gran - F#ck The Drop

By awjrecordings, Apr 10 2019 11:50AM

A dirty, electronic mood is set with a fierce warp of bass. The strong, steadfast beat marches on. A catchy tune takes us through each phase with a fun energy to make the crowd jump! The calm breaks give a moment to breathe, just enough to tease us before the excitement rises once more.

“The project was inspired by the EDM clubbing scene,” says Roudi Le Gran. “Heavy uprising beat with an electro bass-like drop, which resulted in being a massive dance floor killer.”



“Can't wait to drop this.” DJ Shadow

“Fun track here.” Steve Osiamo

“Hot Hot Hot....thanks.” Jason Dump

“Wicked track. Nice groove and beat.” Jason Storm

“Wicked tune man.” Joel Picard

“Nice feel to it.” Ricardo Basto

“LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.” Marco Perfettibile

“Great beats and a nice flow with the rhythm.” Deejay Loops

“Very nice i love it!” Dj Axrone

“Oh yess this is the groove!” Ken Rogers

“Nice piece to listen to.” Gondol

“Good track.” Jay

“Brilliant.” Jamie Porteous

“Nice, thanks.” No Hopes

Artwork: The switchboard lights up. Each turn altering the crowd’s reaction. Each turn, a step closer to perfection.

PRESS: Press Party | MI2N | IMAAI

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