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TerraNation - Tempest

By awjrecordings, May 9 2018 11:23AM

A moving piece encapsulating many wandering feelings. Love, sorrow, gratitude and cherished memories form the structure. A deep, solemn introduction lulls us towards a stronger spirit with waves of sound flowing like a river of emotions on top of a steady beat.

“Dedicated to my father who passed away very suddenly. Tempest, or storm in other words, is the same way our life is. We all should be happy with our life and live today like it's your last day. My track has inspiration that comes from deep inside my soul with emotions and emptyness that we all one day will experience,” TerraNation.


“Lovely and deep.” 8/10, Joseph Christian

“This is lovely, a wonderful ambient flow of beauty” 8/10, Linda Leigh

“Soft Chill and relaxing song for special occasions.” Swedish Cobra

This track is perfect for an intro to something with a major drop.” 8/10, Frankie Maldonado

“Great sound - I will play this track.” Fb-project - Mika-fm

“Good one I like it.” 6/10, DJMGee

Artwork: A solemn moment of love and grief. The rain shall fall, a shadow of darkness cast upon us, my weary state of mind.

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