A global medley...

By awjrecordings, May 13 2019 10:40AM

6 years since the original release, this strong and melodic trancer is refreshed with two new remixes.

MNK delivers a vibrant sunset edit with a relaxed mood. The focus is drawn towards the delightful piano and warm surrounding glow.

“I wanted to do something smooth and melodic,” MNK explains. “I started thinking about tracks from the 90s/00s, that was my inspiration.”

Next up, Michel Dogniaux takes a minimal approach with an orchestral intro mix whereby deep, atmospheric notes are prolonged to create intensity. This then drops down into a hard retro-style production.

Michel Dogniaux describes his thought process, “this energetic melody, these chords, I had to transcribe it and give something epic - reminiscent of the sun when it rises in a grandiose natural setting.”

By awjrecordings, Apr 10 2019 11:50AM

A dirty, electronic mood is set with a fierce warp of bass. The strong, steadfast beat marches on. A catchy tune takes us through each phase with a fun energy to make the crowd jump! The calm breaks give a moment to breathe, just enough to tease us before the excitement rises once more.

By awjrecordings, Apr 9 2019 10:08AM

Gurur Çolakoğlu, better known as GURU, born on 8th of February, 1994 Istanbul, Turkey.

In his high school years, he fell in love with EDM, especially Trance and more melodic styles. After that point, he started to learn the music making process for several years.

Now it is obvious that with his release of ‘’I’’, he is definitely one of the upcoming producers to watch. With also tracks like ‘’Pera’’ and ‘’Shindig’’, it is also quite obvious that his music is diverse and refreshing. It looks like only the sky is the limit for him.