A global medley...

By awjrecordings, Sep 5 2019 11:28AM

Jet off with your summer accompaniment of the ‘Travel EP’ by Swedish producer TerraNation. For the first track, Travel’ holds modern dance melodies, a lively tempo and a hint of darkness reflecting the thrilling taste for adventure. Part two of the EP he delivers an exciting and refreshing burst of energy with a remix of Mark Rustell’s ‘Morning Sun’ - this mood of anticipation carries us on the journey.

Inspired by travels around the world, TerraNation explains that the EP gives “particular feelings to just relax your mind and fade away into those moments of your life..” He also mentions, “I wanna share my moment with this song when i travel to other continents.”

By awjrecordings, May 9 2018 11:23AM

A moving piece encapsulating many wandering feelings. Love, sorrow, gratitude and cherished memories form the structure. A deep, solemn introduction lulls us towards a stronger spirit with waves of sound flowing like a river of emotions on top of a steady beat.